Its a 1987 325is with 287,000+ showing on the clock. Sale price: $500.

The Good: Still a looker from 20 feet away. Morning dew actually makes the paint glisten in the spring sun. Protruding rear lip spoiler is something else. No huge dents (but did someone sit on the hood?) or rust spots. Almost new, matching BF Goodrich rubber. Fluids all there. Engine and tranny feel strong – I guess we’ll be finding out their limit.

The Bad: Gray leather seats look like they starred in a slasher movie, even have that “dried blood” brown patina. Seat back mechanism and handbrake lever broken. Puffing blue smoke like a Castro refugee. Oil spots on engine neer front plugs. Water-filled left rear tailight creating some awesome visual effects when you step on the brakes (maybe that’s good?) Rest of electrics (lights, wipers, windows, moonroof, blower, A/C) all functional. But whose really gonna need any of those – eBay here we come!)

Results of test drive #1. Bus-like handling and fluky shocks revealed at the first corner. Religious moment at the first stop sign. So the brakes are definitely going to need some attention. Don’t know about the rest.

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