Road testing – week of July 15

After NHMS I re-registered the car in New Hampshire this week.   Was anticipating getting it down to Greg’s house in Connecticut  without having to pay for a tow.  No way the car was going to actually pass NH inspection what with the gaping rust holes in the floor.  Bought some roofing tar to patch those it actually works quite well if you ignore the smell…..but while I was under the car patching the holes I realized the exhaust is now basically hanging by one rusted strap.  New clamp is only a partial answer.

With the 10 days available before inspection on a new registration, I decided to drive around as much as possible.  Took the car down Route 3 at rush hour on Friday July 18 to the office in Massachusetts.  Had an interesting “high temperature, red line moment” on Route 128 in Waltham; 96 degree weather. Car only lasted 5 minutes in stop and go traffic before I had to pull off to avoid overheating.

Then on the way home the adhesive on the duck tape holding the dashboard together melted from the extreme heat,  and a piece of the dashboard fell off wedged between the accellerator and my foot.  After a hail mary moment I got the car off the road safely and spent about 20 minutes removing more parts under the dash before I could drive it safely back home.


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