NHMS Smackdown

July 6 and 7.   New Hampshire Motor Speedway.  Pete, Brian and I orchestrated a two day smac – er better make that —  “shake down” here at NHMS.   Our $500 craptastic car, while the slowest thing out there, performed flawlessly.  Three different drivers and over five hours of track time.  Lots of interest from the BMWCCA faithful present in what we’re up to.   With a MINIs On Top sticker and Duck on Board, we’re 1/2 way to being a counterfeit MINI already!

Found a local Juvie Dee (my son) for boosting the stereo and other low hanging fruit…got to start selling off parts to stay below the $500 limit for non-safety items:

We stripped off other stuff like the antenna and radio amp between run groups.

Links to more photos on Flickr from Brian and I are after the jump.

Pete and Brian were “driving while awesome” although as you can see from the pictures they did hold up Jason and a few others.  At least we caught Jason (and Greg’s!) attention enough to join the team that weekend!

My set:

My set





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